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Trokie 120 MG medical cannabis lozenge

trokie sublingual lozenge 120 mg




4%MG CBN 9.3

You will notice the Trokie medicinal effect in 5 minutes!

Trokie’s patented buccal or sublingual delivery mechanism ensures the fastest medicinal effect. The Trokie uses the buccal absorption which allows for one of the fastest delivery of Cannabis pain relief and will prolong the clinical effect.

Buccal or sublingual absorption allows the medication to avoid the First Pass Effect of metabolism (metabolized by the liver); unlike taking an edible which could take up to an hour to feel the effect (which leads to many people over-medicating using edibles)
Directions for Use

The proper way to administer the Trokie™ is to take your dose and place it between your gum and cheek, allowing slow dissolution, while not swallowing your saliva for at least 5 minutes for maximum absorption.

When using the Trokie™, you can expect to experience a slight numbing, tingling, or light burning; and a dry or astringent feel. This is usual for any THC concentrate, extract or cannabis juice.

You may feel the onset of action in as little as 5 minutes, but wait at least an hour before dosing again.

Effective and Efficient Cannabinoid Delivery

Developed by a Doctor of Pharmacy, the Trokie™ delivers a reliable and consistent dose of medical cannabis. The use of PEG (polyethylene glycol) provides for a homogeneous and precise dosage form, allowing the cannabis patient to medicate with confidence. This vehicle is the most used polymer-based drug delivery system. This delivery vehicle allows for zero calories and avoids common food allergies. There is no gluten, nuts, artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors, and meets vegan standards.

Precise Dosing Compounded Especially for You

The Trokie™ is created from the finest California, sun grown cannabis. Although grown organically without the use of any growth enhancers or pesticides, the farms have not received Certification to allow the labeling as Organic. The extract is decarboxylated at the perfect temperature and pressure allowing for better bioavailability of the THC and retention of the plants terpenes and flavonoids. Retention of the terpenes give cannabis it’s unique flavor and aromatic character. Terpenes and flavonoids also improve the efficacy of the cannabinoids and have many health benefits; lowering inflammation, improving immune function, muscle relaxant, analgesic, etc.

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